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There is no hiding assets in mediation

24 October 2015

The recent decision in the Supreme Court of Sharland and Gohil is a reminder to all those going through divorce that full and frank financial disclosure is required. This also applies in mediation.
Most people reading these two cases would no doubt be surprised there was ever any suggestion fraud or dishonesty within family proceedings would not have consequences. Thankfully this issue has now been put to bed; no longer will non-disclosure be tolerated.
It is often thought that by going through mediation this will sidestep the need for disclosure. Sometimes both parties want to do this because they are happy that they know all the financial details but from time to time it can be because one party wishes to avoid disclosure.
Whatever the circumstances it is important that full disclosure is undertaken at mediation. At PFM we have always encouraged, and explained, the need for complete transparency and honesty to enable those involved in mediation to make informed decisions about the terms of any agreement.
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