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Who wants a "Boxing Match"

13 May 2015

A divorce case that has been ongoing for more than two years between a couple with two young children is entering a ten day final hearing before Mr Justice Holman today.  The couple have spent over £1m already arguing over assets of £6m and are likely to spend a further £250,000 on the final hearing.

Mr Justice Holman urged the wife yesterday to reach an out of court settlement with her husband and that divorce battles were like a "boxing match" and "unedifying".  Although the couples assets are higher than the average case, the issues are exactly the same and the stress, proportionate cost and time delay are just the same whether you are fighting over £50,000 or £6m. 

Where young children are involved it is vital that parents communicate well and are able to get along post the divorce as they will remain parents of those children for the rest of their lives.  What good will it do the family if the assets are handed over to the lawyers and the couple "box" it out in court with no overall winner and a wholly damaged relationship.  Many couples in Coventry & Warwickshire are discovering the benefit of looking for alternative ways of resolving their disputes and mediation is a perfect way of retaining the assets and coming to an amicable solution that does not end up with bloody noses and a permanently fractured relationship.

Here at Positive Family Mediation we help many couples going through similar disputes and it makes no difference to us whether your dispute is over £10,000 or £6m, the law is the same for all and we can help you to reach an amicable settlement that is family and child focussed from the start.  If you live in Coventry, Warwickshire or the surrounding area such as Leamington, Warwick, Stratford upon Avon, Rugby or Kenilworth please give us a call if you are in need of an alternative approach to family dispute resolution.

Celia Christie


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