Please find below a list of the most recent blogs from Positive Family Mediation.

Recent case study - 01 February 2013

I recently had a couple attend mediation to try and resolve issues concerning contact to their little boy.  Lets call them James, Lucy and Tommy. Contact had broken down between James and Tommy but as his communication had... Read more

The Dreaded February 14th looms ...... - 13 February 2013

For some Valentines Day is a time of happiness, love, roses, chocolates and an opportunity of telling a loved one how you feel about them.  For others it is a harsh reminder that they are alone or in a failing or failed relationship... Read more

Medation in Coventry and Warwickshire set to increase rapidly - 25 February 2013

Following the publishing of the divorce statistics in England and Wales by the Ministry of Justice it is interesting to note that the Midlands features highest outside of the Greater London area.  Birmingham came in top of the list... Read more

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