Please find below a list of the most recent blogs from Positive Family Mediation.

Mapping Paths to Family Justice - A call for interviewees - 05 November 2012

Resolution has recently sent information to mediators about a project currently seeking help from people who have you been through a divorce or relationship separation since 1996, and are willing to be interviewed in confidence about your... Read more

Increase in couples considering mediation - 13 November 2012

It is very encouraging to note a marked increase in the number of couples that are seeking mediation as an alternative to instructing solicitors or using the courts.  I have recently had a number of enquiries from individuals directly... Read more

I want to mediate but my partner doesn't - 20 November 2012

As a solicitor and a mediator it is not uncommon to be told by one party in a dispute that the other person 'won't' or 'doesn't want to' mediate.  They would really like to mediate but are convinced the other... Read more

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